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Relocation Advisory Portuguese Citizenship Services

Why Portuguese Citizenship Services:

Portuguese Citizenship Services in India Describe you that why Portuguese. Strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Americas, Portugal enjoys privileged political, economic, diplomatic and commercial relations worldwide.
Despite its small size, Portugal rewards you at every step, offering a huge diversity of landscapes, vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, mild climate, tasty cuisine, millennial architectural and cultural treasures with our Portuguese citizenship services..
With a secure society, a stable political and social environment, a great health and education systems and an excellent quality of life, Portugal offers favorable investment opportunities. Portugal is investing in becoming a premium tourism and real estate location.
It is a member of the European Union since 1986, the Euro Zone and the Schengen area. The holders of a Portuguese passport have visa-free travel access to 186 countries around the world.
Portugal also provides an excellent quality of life as well as a great investment climate for foreign investors. The tax regime for individuals is very atractive, mostly due to the non-habitual resident tax regime, which may exempt from taxation in Portugal the foreign income received by the individuals who apply for such regime.
In addition to the favorable tax regime, the opportunities currently available in the Portuguese market are another factor that justifies investment in Portugal. The huge demand for real estate coupled with a scarce supply leads to an increase in prices that make real estate investment extremely profitable, particularly in regards to the rental market.

What are the Benefits of Portuguese Citizenship Services?

  • Enter in Portugal without any specific further visa;
  • Live and work in Portugal;
  • Freely travel within the Schengen Space;
  • Request a permanent residency permit following 5 years;
  • Request the Portuguese nationality following 6 years;
  • Request family reunification of spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law (with just one eligible investment);
  • Benefit from the Portuguese public health and education system.
Constitution And Domiciliation Of Businesses

Conscious of the need for the development of certain investment projects to involve the constitution of companies in Portugal, Chlorophyll Glory provides its Customers with all the services associated with the registration of a company in Portugal, as well as the possibility of domiciliation their companies.
At the same time, Chlorophyll Glory leases work spaces on a co-working basis, providing the necessary equipment for a smooth business development.

How will Chlorophyll Glory assist you with Portuguese Citizenship Services?

Recognizing the significance of the decision to transfer residency and/or to invest in a foreign country, Chlorophyll Glory promises to go the extra mile to make this decision as simple and efficient as possible. Therefore, once we understand your needs and expectations, we are committed to presenting you with the best solutions for your particular case.
This Visa is intended to attract foreign entrepreneurs, granting its holder and family a portuguese residency permit that will allow the requisition of a permanent residency status

Who can apply Portuguese Citizenship?

Foreign citizens who wish to invest in Portugal or to those who have already carried out an investment activity in Portuguese territory.

What are the requirements for Portuguese Citizenship?
  • Have already carried out an investment operation in Portugal; or
  • Prove the existence of financial means in Portugal and demonstrate the intention to carry out an investment operation in Portuguese territory.

In case of intention of investment in Portugal, the demonstration through a business plan of the financial and economic viability of the project is essential.

Chlorophyll Glory will assist with the following:
  • Analysis and validation of the documents necessary for visa request;
  • Monitoring of application at the Portuguese Consulate in the residency country;
  • Submission and instruction of the residency permit request;
  • Scheduling and monitoring of Client's interview at Foreigners and Border Service (SEF);
  • Submission and instruction of the request for residency permit renewal;
  • Obtaining the Portuguese tax number;
  • Any other related services

This visa is intended to attract retirees and individuals with stable incomes, allowing the holder and its family to enter Portuguese territory in order to request the subsequent Residence Permit.

Non-Habitual Residents

The non-habitual tax resident (NHR) regime is a scheme established under Portuguese tax law that offers relevant tax benefits to those wishing to set residency in Portugal, since it allows individuals to benefit from a special tax status for a period of 10 years.